We believe that at parents care givers, you can deliver home care services of the highest order for a variety of clinical needs in you will have many question that need answering; you will do our best answer these as completely as possible. You will provide you will information from physician’s nurse’s respiratory therapist and other home care services healthcare professionals – in short. The team of specialists and healthcare professionals who will be managing this condition at home. Typically the team will comprise a group of highly qualified and experienced home healthcare professionals.
The Tracheostomy and Ventilator service team.
Parents care givers tracheostomy care team will typically include
• Home care nurses
• Speech and swelling pathologist
• Respiratory care
• Practitioners’ specially trained healthcare professionals, who help to treat and re-established respiratory function for patient, will airway and breathing problems. Their expertise is utilized to evaluate and handle patients with the following conditions.
• Tracheostomy tubes and oxygen therapy,
• Ventilator Care
• Chronic heart and lung problem that required breathing treatment and health
• Other healthcare professionals,
Equipment use at home for the patient
For patient who require tracheostomy care you will provide the following equipment,
• Suction apparatus
• Suction catheter,
• Oxygen cylinder or oxygen Concentrator(If a patient require oxygen support)
Pulse Oximeter for taking care of a patient on a ventilator, you will provide the following equipment,
• Portable ventilator,
• Suction apparatus
• Suction catheter,
• Oxygen cylinder or oxygen Concentrator
• Vital Monitoring equipment such as a Cardiac Monitor.