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Parents care Givers is a social Organization dedicated to home care(also referred to us domiciliary care, or in-home care) is supportive care provide by licensed healthcare Professionals who provide medical Arrestment needs or by Professional caregivers who provide daily assistance to ensure the activities of daily living (ADLS)are met .in home medical care is often and more accurately referred to as home healthcare or formal care .Often, the term home healthcare is used to distinguish it from non-medical care ,or privet duty care .parents care givers focuses on need of the individual and ensures, Compassionate, excellent & reliable care though state of the art processes. Our nurses are three categories-

  • Diploma in nurse
  • Non Diploma in nurse.
  • paramedics nurse.

Another, given Doctor only for company patients .Given any service of medical related ,child to adult, canulation, Catheterization ,CVP line, tracheostomy change, colostomy bag change, dressing any type Transfusion blood & blood Produce( Pac cell, whole Blood, Albumin ).

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Why Home Care?

Why Home Care?

Home care as a concept is gaining ground in Bangladesh. The growth drivers are the changing clinical and societal milieu. Some estimates point out our current geriatric population (aged over 5 years) — at over 600 People. This is expected to grow to 100 million by 2050

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With Home Care, you are not one among many patients as in a hospital, you are the only patient. This personalized approach helps in building a trusting relationship between patients and care providers and ensures a collaborative effort to recovery.

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Why Parents care givers

Why Parents care givers

The transforming healthcare scenario in Bangladesh has led to the advent of Home Care – Health care services at home for the convenience of patients and their families

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